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First edition, First Print  首版首印
Limited 100 copies, signed  限量100本,含签名证书
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Standard version:  标准版
No. 11 – 100, book with signed certificate with authentication and 3M hanging strip  第11-100号,书籍附带签名认证证书和3M悬挂无痕粘贴条
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Premium version:  精装版
No. 1-10, book with a separate original artwork, signed certificate with authentication and 3M hanging strip  第1-10号,附带一副独立的原版相片艺术作品,签名认证证书和3M悬挂无痕粘贴条
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“Cloud and Stone” is m photobook object created in 2024 published by Nearest Truth Editions ( This exclusive photobook object is limited to 100 copies. Each copy in this first edition, first print run will be signed, with two distinct versions available.
Cloud watches stone, stone watches cloud. Cloud is stone, stone is cloud. They are actually the same. They are both from one. It is just we have forgot, what they originally looked like, and who we were in the beginning. 
‘Cloud and Stone’ is an ongoing photography series that I created since 2015. It reflects my inner relationship with the nature and the research between cloud and stone which symbolized the physical and non-physical elements in the world. The creation process has empowered myself to search spiritual inner peace and the meaning of self-existence. This series is created globally including China, Japan, United Kingdom and North America and all are created by black and white negatives. 
Printed by Mas Matbass 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 
Sequence edit: Brad Feuerhelm 
Book design: Nicolas Polli 
Book exterior design and bound: QIU Yangzi
First edition, First Print 
Limited 100 copies, signed
Premium version: No. 1-10, book with a separate original artwork, signed certificate with authentication and 3M hanging strip
Standard version: No. 11-100, book with signed certificate with authentication and 3M hanging strip
Book content: 18 pages, 16 offset duotone images with 2 limited edition original artworks in inner cover and back
Offset Paper: Uncoated woodfree SORA press ivory 70gsm
Material: North America walnut wood box with filmed acrylic lid, Chinese Jade beads, British linen bookcloth, Nepali handmade collage paper stripes, Japanese kingin tissue paper with flecks of gold and silver, 3M damage-free command strip
Size: 36 cm * 28 cm * 4cm
Language: English/ Chinese
User guide: This book could be stored in the bookshelf or hung on the wall based on your preference. For the hanging option, please use the 3M damage free strips provided in the box and detail steps are in here (
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Nearest Truth Edition 出版社页面


《一云观石》跨界项目 “声影墨色” 详情

《一云观石》摄影书是2024年由Nearest Truth Editions出版的限量艺术书。这本摄影书限量100本。首版首印,每本都带有签名的原版证书,有两个不同版本可供选择。





印刷厂:Mas Matbass (土耳其) 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1
序列编辑:Brad Feuerhelm (德国)
书籍设计:Nicolas Polli (瑞士)

书籍外观设计和装订:QIU Yangzi

首版首印 限量100本,含签名证书

尺寸:36 cm * 28 cm * 4 cm



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