Half the World Away

"Half the world away 咫尺天涯" (2023) is a 0.97 * 10 meters cyanotype camera-less photography scroll I created recently in lightweight oriental hand-made paper together with performance art. Chance is the key concept through the process integrated with artistic control to bring the uniqueness and uncertainty of the artwork.

When you are half the world away,
our hearts are bound with each other as if you are in front of me; When you are by my side,
but we don't communicate with each other then it is like half the world away, It all depends on our state of mind. -- "Zuo Zhuan" 651 BC

Cyanotype is a slow-reacting photography printing formulation sensitive to a limited ultraviolet and blue light spectrum announced in 1842. I chose blue and green colors in the final artwork as it is associated with the blue-green realms (qing lu 青綠) mode of Chinese landscape painting established in the Tang dynasty (618–907). Painted landforms in blue-green colors were used as allusions to the distant past or to paradisiacal realms. Here I associate it to represent the dream-like atmosphere between layers of the mountains half the world away.It symbolises biological evolution and the cherished timeless love between partners in life.

《咫尺天涯》(2023)是我最近用東方手工紙和行為藝術創作的一幅0.97*10米的藍曬無相機攝影手卷。 隨機性的概念貫穿了整個創作過程,通過與藝術審美結合,給最終的藝術品帶來了獨特和不確定性。

一念起天涯尺,一念滅尺天涯。 天威不違顏近尺。 ——《左傳·僖公九年》

藍曬法是1842 年發明的一種對有限的紫外線和藍光光譜敏感的慢反應攝方法。我給最終的藝術品選擇了藍色和綠色做為呈現顏色,因為它與中國的青綠山水相護關聯。青綠山水畫創立於唐代(618-907),在傳統意義上青綠色也被用來暗示遙遠的過去或天堂般的境界。 在這裡我把它做為一種能與天涯之外的層層山脈夢境般的氛圍相結合的媒介。