"Rhythm 醉墨淋漓" (2023) is a chemigram camera-less photography series I created to express the feeling of being free. Its process involves in chance concept and the rhythm of body movements.

I been educated to be a good girl when I grow up.
Day by day, stresses, worries, doubts, fears might appear within the frames I set for myself. Care too much on being who others expect me to be instead of being myself.
Take a deep breath.
Feel the body moving rhythm.
I am already free.

Through "Rhythm," I invite viewers to take a moment, breathe deeply, and reconnect with the innate rhythm of their being, discovering the boundless freedom that already resides within.

( The Chinese title 醉墨淋漓 is originally from the poem below:
Tune: Song of Moon Palace · Temple of a Literary Genius
You wrote with brilliant pen on ups and downs.
It won your age-old vain renowns.
Come back from your dream,
Why at your loss should you be sad,
And at your gain be glad?
What is the use of your gloom?
Beyond the setting sun the hills appear green still,
Beside the bridge the temple ruins loom.
Your words flow like pearls in a stream;
Drunk, you split your ink at will. Is it not better to be a man of men?
Who for the sword gave up the pen?
-- Yuan Dynasty · Xu Zaisi · 1280 to 1340)

Chemigram is an alternative photography process by implementing chemicals in the dark and exploring them in light-sensitive platforms (e.g. photo papers) within a certain period of time, generally being quoted as established in the 1950s by Belgian artist Pierre Cordier. In the final artworks, I chose specific chemical formulas and mediums to achieve the high contrast of black and white as an abstract form to present the moving track rhythm. It could be associated with calligraphy, dance, gongfu, or a simplified snapshot of feeling free at the moment.

Each image size 20 * 30.5cm with unique edition. They are hand-created in gelatin silver paper by using chemigram photography method in the London-based darkroom.

《醉墨淋漓》(2023)是我用化學成像法製作的一個無相機攝影系列。 它融合了隨機性的概念和身體的律動去表達自在的感受。

(英文标题 Rhythm 解释:

-- 元 · 徐再思

化學成像法是一種在黑暗中使用化學物質並在光敏材質(例如相紙)上曝光的攝影過程,它通常被認為是比利時藝術家 Pierre Cordier 在 20 世紀 50 年代發明的。 在最終作品的呈現上,我選擇了特制的化學公式和介質去實現高對比的黑白,並用抽象的形式來表現運氣的軌跡和身體的律動。 它可以被詮釋為與書法、舞蹈、功夫相關或者理解為對當下自在感受的寫照。
每幅圖像尺寸為 20 * 30.5 厘米,僅限一版,採用化學攝影法在銀鹽紙基上手工製作。