Rotation 65(40)78-001


Though we are separated in different places
The sky is connected
As if it is the path guide me towards you
Close your eyes and feel it, we are bound together

"Rotation" is an ongoing photography series explorating the complex interplay between urban development and the evolving relationship between personal and public spaces. Through a visually arresting narrative that transcends conventional boundaries, this series prompts viewers to reconsider the fluidity of environments and the mutable nature of orientation. From the vantage point of outer space, the absence of gravity challenges traditional notions of 'up' and 'down', inviting contemplation on the subjective nature of perspective.

Each photograph encapsulates a moment suspended in time, where the intersection of gravity and temporal flux alters perception, evoking a sense of weightlessness. Some images, captured through glass windows, subtly integrate reflections, symbolizing the intangible yet profound connections that bind us across physical distances.

Since its inception in 2021, "Rotation" has fostered collaborations with over 20 organisations across diverse cities, including London, Manchester, Liverpool, Blackpool, Brighton, Portsmouth, Edinburgh, Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Tampere, Tallinn, Vilnius, Warsaw, Berlin, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Luxembourg, and more. This collaboration has resulted in the creation of 80+ artworks and an ongoing exploration of spatial dynamics.

Shot exclusively with an 8 by 10 large format analog wood camera, every photograph undergoes a meticulous hand-printing process in a London-based darkroom, yielding prints over 1.3 meters * 1.6 meters in size (Smaller sizes available).

山川異域 風月同天


這個藝術系列名為《自轉》,我從2021年開始創作並與超過20個國家地區的機構合作,現在這個系列包含了超過80幅作品並在持續創作中。 這些作品由 8 x 10 大畫幅木質相機拍攝並在倫敦手工放曬於大尺寸的銀鹽相紙上。