"Smile" (2023) is a bronze sculpture that I created by using the lost wax casting process.
Life has different types of suffering: birth, aging, sickness, death, being apart from loved ones, not getting what one wants, etc. We might be cracking inside and silently cry, asking why. But no matter how big the waves are, no matter how much that hurts, and no matter how many holes and wounds are left, we can still smile and move forward.
Smile, what doesn't kill you makes you stronger.
The right bottom loose piece is a tiger eye raw crystal point stone, its symbolic meaning is to provide courage to go through difficulties. Here is to echo "Smile" provides courage to move forward.
The right base is cast by the traditional Chinese medicine herbs in a formula named Qingfei Paidu Decoction. This was one of the medicines that heal me 3 years ago for COVID. It highlighted the healing function, which hints that "Smile" could help to heal the pains after suffering.
The middle and top pieces are both cast from my face by using wax originally. Then they were cut, cracked, and sculptured to represent the cracking and crying beings in the sufferings, but have a smile to fight through.
The wave is to represent that life is up and down, we could smile and surf.


人生有不同的苦难:生、老、病、死、愛别離、求不得等等。我們可能會內心崩潰,默默地哭泣,问為什麼。 但人生中再大的浪花,再大的苦难,留下再多的窟窿和傷口,我們依然可以微笑着前行。




右下角的散件為虎眼石原石,其像徵意義是提供克服困難的勇氣。 這裡是為了呼應“微笑”提供了前行的勇氣。

右边的底座由中藥的藥方草本成分澆模而成。中藥藥剂名为清肺排毒湯。 這是 3 年前治愈我的新冠病毒的藥物之一。 它象征了治愈功能,暗示“微笑”可以幫助治愈遭受苦难後的疼痛。

中間和頂部的雕塑部分都是从我的臉上用蜡塑造模型制作的。 蜡模成型之后,用液态青铜浇灌溶解蜡模,然後再将原始的青铜切割、打磨和雕刻成型。此步骤代表了在苦難中崩潰和哭泣的眾生,无论遭受了什么经历都可以微笑着去度過難關。