Whatismoving 65(34)70-002

Limited Edition mount to oriental handing scroll (Unique)

What is moving

When we stand still on a platform and look in front of us.
If the subject(camera) is not moving, the object is not moving, then what is moving?
Is the platform moving?
Is the movement strong or not?
Is the movement triggered by the wind, water, or else?
Why there is a movement?
When does the movement start?
How does the movement happen?
Second by second, it is our mind that is moving.

"What is moving?" Set I:
In November 2021, I was on an overnight ferry departing from Stockholm to Helsinki. Facing the all-black Baltic Sea with strong winds, feeling the ferry board moving up and down by waves, I put my camera out and experimented with the visual result by capturing movements. During the exploring time, the image captures lights when the ferry passes by islands, lighthouses, or other ferries beside us, on top of that, the ferry boarding platform is moving up and down by waves. So the final results as displayed are the water wave movements overnight.

After I backed to London and developed the negative films, the results touched me and become a motivation for me to continue creating this as a series. So in November 2022, I took a couple of ferries in Highland Scotland at night to expand further of this series and some of them are as displayed.

"What is moving?" Set II:
In December 2021, I created these artworks in the Luxembourg panoramic elevator of Pfaffenthal in the very early morning. The camera is not moving, and the object is not moving, while the vertical movement of the lift captures the lights and created the dragging light effects as if they are from my mind: moving, lifting, dripping.

"What is moving?" Set III:
In December 2021, I created these artworks in the revolving restaurants of Vilnius and Berlin TV Tower. The camera is not moving, and the object cityscape is not moving, while the platform is revolving. As if it is in sufi whirling, sought through abandoning one's ego or personal desires, spinning one's body in repetitive circles, which has been seen as a symbolic imitation of planets in the Solar System orbiting the sun.

"What is moving?" Set IV:
Facing the sun, and experiencing the warmness that it brings, this moment I am actually alive. This set of artworks was created on a ferry between Isle of Mull and Oban in November 2022.

All artworks are taken by 8 by 10 large format analog wood camera, and hand printed directly from negative to large scale gelatin silver paper in the darkroom based in London.

Limited Edition

Two exclusive limited edition oriental scrolls specifically created for my art series 'What is Moving.' Two chosen artworks encapsulate my encounters aboard night ferries traversing the expansive oceanic realm. Crafted amidst the rhythmic undulations of the ferry's motion, they poignantly capture the intricate interplay of water currents and the celestial illumination of moonlight.

Elevating the presentation, these artworks are deliberately oriented vertically compared to the original prints, instilling a sense of novelty and exploration within the viewer. Mounted upon boards adorned with a regal golden hue, they harken back to an era preceding the advent of electric illumination, evoking a nostalgia for traditional aesthetics.

In the subdued ambiance, the resplendent gold tones interact with the gentle flicker of candlelight, casting enchanting shadows that imbue the space with a profound sense of reverence and reminiscence, echoing the cherished moments that punctuate our lives.






















“仁者心動” 组图一:


2021 11 月,我乘坐從斯德哥爾摩出发的過夜輪船前往赫爾辛基。 波罗的海夜晚的风很大,我面對着一篇漆黑的海面,站在輪渡甲板上感受著海面的波浪上下起伏。摆放好木制相機面对着海面,在一片漆黑的波动中进行拍摄创作。 在这个期間,當渡輪經過有着灯光的島嶼、燈塔或其他渡輪時,画面便捕捉到了黑暗中肉眼见不到的一直在起伏的点点燈光。渡輪甲板隨著波浪上下移動。 所以最終顯示的画面结果其实是水的波动。


回到倫敦沖洗菲林显影以後,菲林的画面结果很讓我很感動,这是一种类似相机冥想的结果画面。这也成為我开始創作這個系列的動力。 此后的2022年,我在蘇格蘭高地乘坐了幾艘夜晚的渡輪,進一步地持续创作這個系列组图。


“仁者心動” 组图二:


202112月某天的黎明前夕,我在盧森堡Pfaffenthal的全景景观升降梯裡創作了這个系列组图。 相機不動,物體(城市的夜景)不動,而升降機的平台一直在垂直移動,画面的结果創造出了拖曳的光效,彷彿它們來自我腦海中的灯光画面:移動、上升、滴落。


“仁者心動” 组图三:


202112月,我在維爾紐斯和柏林電視塔的旋轉餐廳創作了這些作品。 相機不動,物體(城市的白天景觀)不動,而脚下的平台在持续的旋轉。 就像土耳其蘇菲派的旋轉舞蹈一般,放下一個人的自我执着或個人慾望,在重複性的圓圈中旋轉身體进行舞蹈,犹如太陽系中一众的行星圍繞着太陽運行的旋转。


“仁者心動?” 组图四:


在海面的甲板上静静地站着,面向太阳,感受著阳光帶來的溫暖。這一刻,我感受到我真真切切地活著。 這个系列组图於 2022 11 月在苏格兰馬爾島和奧本之間的渡輪上創作。


所有的藝術品均由 8 x 10 大画幅木制相機进行拍摄,並在位於倫敦的暗房中直接從菲林手工放晒到大型纸基銀盐紙上。特别版会用艺术装置方式呈现。