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QIU Yangzi (Yangzi), a London-based Chinese visual artist, immerses herself in the realms of experimental philosophical analog photography.

With roots in mainland China and a penchant for global exploration, her journey intertwines education and artistic discovery. Since 2012, she has refined her craft through workshops led by esteemed masters of art photography across the US, Europe, and China. Yangzi's work serves as a quest to unravel "What is Reality" and the essence of self-existence, embracing chance as a core element in her creative process. By challenging conventions and exploring new presentation methods, she pushes the boundaries of photography's definition and expression. Yangzi's art beckons viewers to ponder the fluidity of existence and the enigmas it holds.

Event (Exhibition, Talk, Cross-over)

June 2024 Athens, Greece, IFAC Athina Gallery, “Between walls and covers”, Group Exhibition, Art project “Ruins”

June 2024 London, United Kingdom, Ensie in Wonderland Bookshop (London book branch of UnderlineArtSpace from Beijing China), Artist Talk in conversation with Curator Sen Kwok and guide workshop (Experiment with artist book object)

May-Aug 2024 Cardiff, United Kingdom, Ffotogallery, "The World Without Us", Group Exhibition, Ffotogallery, Art project "Soil Remembers", details in

Feb 2024 Hong Kong SAR, China, Hong Kong City Hall, "Soundscape" - Wan Xing Solo Concert, Cross-over project "Soundscape" performed in stage with original composed music and artworks from series "Cloud and Stone"

Oct 2023 London, United Kingdom, Hatcham Church Hall Exhibition Space, "Great Sounds Seek Silence", Group exhibition, Art series "Rotation", "Flowing Reality", "What is moving", "Cloud and Stone", "Smile", "Inside the Inside", "Unborn", "Half the world away", details in

July 2022 Wiltshire, United Kingdom, WOMAD 2022 Music Festival, Cross over with Music band "Silk breeze" (London Youlan Qin Society), Art work from "Cloud and Stone" used as stage background

May 2022 London, United Kingdom, London Culture Salon, "Vision In My Heart", Solo Artist Talk

Feb 2022 Online, Cross-over with musician and composer Wan Xing, Art work "Soundscape" released in Youtube and official website of the Hong Kong Cultural Presentations Section, Leisure and Cultural Services Department, details in and

Aug 2019 London, United Kingdom, Dyson Gallery, "What is Image", Group Exhibition, Art series "Flowing Reality"

April 2017 Hong Kong SAR, China, Hong Kong Central Library, "Black and White Analog Photography", Group Exhibition, Art Series "Cloud and Stone"

Dec 2016 Hong Kong SAR, China, The Asia Society Hong Kong Center, Raghu Rai Magnum Photos, Group Exhibition


April 2024 United Kingdom, Belfast Photo Festival - Highly Recommended, Art series "What is Moving"

Mar 2024 United Kingdom, FORMAT Portfolio Award - Source Portfolio Award, Art series "Rotation"


June 2024 Nearest Truth Editions, "Cloud and Stone" Photobook object, details in

邱揚梓。 旅居倫敦的中國視覺藝術家,專注於富含實驗性哲學理念的古典攝影。

揚梓在香港中文大學獲得碩士學位, 並曾在英國皇家藝術學院和牛津大學深造。 她曾向美國、歐洲和中國的数位著名的攝影大師請教,並学习了紮實的20世紀古典攝影技術。揚梓的創作過程一直在回答“什麼是真實”以及“何為自己存在的意義”。隨機性是揚梓藝術創作的一部分。


2024年6月 希臘雅典 IFAC Athina畫廊, "牆和書之間", 群展,藝術項目"廢墟"和“一雲觀石”書裝置

2024年6月 英國倫敦Bloombury區的詩遠書屋(來自中國北京的下劃線空間倫敦分店),藝術家講座與策展人仰成對話,並開展藝術書籍實驗工作坊

2024年5月-8月 英國卡迪夫 Ffotogallery,"沒有我們的世界",群展,藝術項目"土壤記憶",詳情請見

2024年2月 中國香港特別行政區 香港大會堂,"聲影墨色"——萬幸個人古箏音樂會,跨界項目"聲影墨色"在舞台上投影和現場演奏,作品取材自攝影系列作品"一雲觀石"

2023年10月 英國倫敦 Hatcham Church Hall展覽空間,"大音希聲",群展,藝術系列"自轉"、"流動的真實"、"仁者心動"、"一雲觀石"、"微笑"、"水乳交融"、"無生法忍"、"咫尺天涯",詳情請見

2022年7月 英國威爾特郡 WOMAD 2022音樂節,與音樂團體"絲風"(倫敦幽蘭琴社)跨界合作,作品"一雲觀石"作為舞台背景

2022年5月 英國倫敦 London Culture Salon,"心中之景",個人藝術家講座

2022年2月 在線,與音樂家和作曲家萬幸跨界合作,藝術作品"聲影墨色"在YouTube和香港康文署官網上發布,詳情請見 和

2019年8月 英國倫敦 Dyson Gallery,"What is Image",群展,藝術系列"流動的真實"

2017年4月 中國香港特別行政區 香港中央圖書館,"菲常黑白攝影展",群展,藝術系列"一雲觀石"

2016年12月 中國香港特別行政區 亞洲協會香港中心,Raghu Rai Magnum Photos,群展


2024年4月 英國 貝爾法斯特攝影節——高度推薦,藝術系列"仁者心動"

2024年3月 英國 FORMAT攝影節獎項 FORMAT Portfolio Award——Source Portfolio Award,藝術系列"自轉"


2024年6月 Nearest Truth Editions出版社,"一雲觀石"攝影書物預購,詳情請 見